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Kickstart x Social Enterprise

We are here to unlock the job creating power of those businesses who seek success beyond profit. Some call them social enterprises, we happen to think they are awesome. We believe there can be no better Kickstart job than a social enterprise Kickstart job. If you are in the right place, read on…

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Funding for you to create jobs for people who need a hand up

Kickstart job salaries and on-costs are reimbursed by the government. We also pass on £1,000 cash to help create the job and support the new employee. We provide additional support to the employee to help them stay in work.

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You create jobs for people, they help your enterprise, your enterprise saves the world.

Just remember it’s important to create additional jobs that don’t displace others. Take a look at our playbook for examples of great jobs to create. When you are ready, tell us about your jobs and we’ll submit them with others to the government for approval. If you’re ready now hit the button and send us your jobs.

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Use Kickstart SE as your Gateway and we can all win together

You are a social enterprise, we are a social enterprise – it’s a match made in heaven! We’d also encourage you to sign up for our Kickstart research project. We are terribly excited about working at the intersection of Kickstart and Social Enterprise so we want to build the case for more terribly exciting things. We win, you win, they win.

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