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This is where we want to share our impact. Very soon we’ll have a theory of change on here too! In the meantime we are building the impact management framework for our programme – if this interests you please get in touch and share your thoughts; some of us are also data and analytics nerds! 

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Our research will centre around two themes:

1. Comparing the impact of kickstart jobs on participant employees in social enterprise vs traditional business

2. Measuring the social return on investment for kickstart placements in social enterprise 

Please sign up to join our research advisory panel and help us make the case for social enterprise, for a better way of doing business and for the transition to a new economy. We invite and encourage all social enterprise kickstart employers to take part in our research – not only those that use our gateway.


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Kickstart SE is run by Supplytrain CIC – a social enterprise committed to helping small businesses employ and train people.


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